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If you're interested in learning more about our custom RV models, leave us your information and our friendly team will get back to you. Thank you for being interested in partnering with us  — we look forward to hearing from you.

Why Partner with Platinum?


Are you a developer, investor or a park owner?  Platinum Cottages is the staple of Park Home building and creative designs! A company built from the ground up by some of the industry’s best individuals in the business! A state of the art facility, using the highest grade of materials, and collective planning to bring you success! Our people are your people. We understand your needs, concerns and quest for excellence. The sales team implifies years of experience to get it right ( The First Time) while still in a forever changing market, Platinum's sales team will rise to your demands! Platinum Cottages champions the expectations of our own product through internal audits, sales delivery walk through, interior performance evaluations! Are you a developer, investor or park owner? Yes, then what's in it for me you ask? Satisfied customers, future referrals, repeat business, and a Partnership that deliveries a gross return! If seeing believes then partner with us, where commitment, dedication, respect and integrity have meaning - Platinum the future of Park Homes and Innovators like you.